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Decoration Ideas

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Trendy and bold

Trendy festive atmosphere: This poinsettia looks good in modern surroundings and presents itself extremely festive!
In a few steps, with the right materials, you can make this Christmas eye-catcher yourself.

Step 1:
You need two containers: A glass vase and a smaller pot that can be placed in the vase. Fill the inner pot with moist floral foam, stick twigs of boxwood, conifers and cypress into the foam and place the pot into the glass vase.

Step 2:
Put Christmas cards in the space between the two containers. Nice side-effect: The cachepot can not only be individually designed; it can also be redesigned in no time at all!

Step 3:
Cut off twigs from an apricot-coloured poinsettia and seal the ends of the stems over a flame. The poinsettias will survive for a long time now and can be inserted into the flower-arranging base. Round the arrangement off with red roses. Attach colour-coordinated baubles to wires and put them in the arrangement as festive highlights.