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Decoration Ideas

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Poinsettia stars in a coat of green

Tightly-bound foliages and playful deep pink tones: the poinsettia in the coat of green features a striking interplay of shapes and colours. The dark pink in particular gives this arrangement its lively accents. The deep pink bracts of the poinsettia shine with beige-coloured nuances. This arrangement has a light, loose and playful appearance. The base of the arrangement is compact and dark green in colour, creating an effective contrast. This winter decoration is simple to make with just a few steps.

Step 1:
Two Styrofoam or dry florists` foam bricks are used to create the square base of the poinsettia “coat”. A small half-circle is cut out of each block to make space for the planter. It’s probably best to measure the pot now. Afterwards, use two or three wooden sticks to attach the blocks to each other, such as trellis rods or skewers.

Step 2:
Once the pieces have been combined to create the Styrofoam holder, attach shiny, serrated holly leaves to the base using plain or decorative push pins from your craft store.

Step 3:
Short yew twigs are used to make the “collar” of the coat. These are arranged around the upper edge of the base. A decorative ribbon or cord keeps it in place. Now put the plant pot – even one that is not very pretty – into the open space between the two bricks. Just add the poinsettia – which will be happy to show off its new coat.