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Decoration Ideas

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Playful poinsettia centrepiece

The apricot-coloured Midi poinsettia provides a bright, striking accent. Place the plant in a homemade vase on a simple wooden tray decorated with fun, wintertime decorations. The result is a modern, imaginative Christmas decoration which adds a touch of magic to any corner of the room, whether placed on a table or a windowsill.

Step 1:
Buy a Styrofoam ball from the florist with a diameter of 12 or 16 cm, depending on the size of the plant. This will form the basis for the centrepiece. Cut off the upper third of the ball and carefully hollow out the centre with a spoon.

Step 2:
The ball is now decorated using conifer twigs. The evergreen twigs stay fresh for a long time:
they don’t dry out, won’t lose their needles and they stay green. Florist’s wire will make sure the twigs stay in place.

Step 3:
Twist red decorative wire from a craft store or garden centre into double spirals and affix them around the edge of the ball as well as between the leaves and bracts of the poinsettia.