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Luescher Colour Test

Which Shade of Red is Right for you?

Take the "red test”! Which shade of red is your personal poinsettia red? And what does it say about your personality? Take the "red test” developed by the renowned Swiss colour psychologist Professor Dr. Max Lüscher. It will tell you which shade of red is right for you!

Take a look at the four different red areas and make a spontaneous decision: Which red do you like best, which is your second choice and which one is your least appealing red tone? Please click on the corresponding colour field in this order. Don’t think about it too long, and don’t try to imagine the colour as a piece of clothing or a household accessory.

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This form of the test should not be confused with the professional Lüscher Test; the colours are different from the original. This brief test can only give a hint about your momentary mood.
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