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Every year, a new star in the firmament:

Poinsettias in all shapes and colours

Although the classic red star-shaped plants are still among the best-sellers, their hybrids are rapidly gaining in popularity with new exciting colours. Poinsettias are available in a huge range of colour : soft rose pink, gentle cream-white, shocking pink, glowing orange or playfully speckled bracts outlined in white make the poinsettia the ideal decorative plant for modern homes.

The range of colours isn’t the only thing to have expanded over the last few years: the shapes of the leaves have also changed. The modern poinsettia is available with pointed, rounded or even serrated bracts like the leaves of an oak tree. “Curly” poinsettias are the latest trend, with bracts reminiscent of a rose in full bloom. The green leaves of the poinsettia are also available in different shades today, whereby the darker colours are considered to be the most robust.

A number of new plant shapes also add to the already wide variety on the poinsettia market today. In addition to the standard plants ranging from 35-40 cm in height, there are also intermediate sizes and delicate mini-plants especially well suited for table decorations. Special shapes such as lamps, pillars and even pyramids are available – here, the coloured bracts grow over several levels.