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Decoration Ideas

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Classic and natural

Traditional and yet very different: This pyramid-shaped table decoration is a veritable eye-catcher in the Christmas season and a wonderful idea for a gift. The shining red petals of a poinsettia sit on a sub-structure of twigs from holly, yew, lawsonia cypress and fir. The arrangement is adorned with decorative apples and cones. In few steps, with the right materials, you can make this Christmas jewel yourself.

Step 1:
Fix the moss with clips to a cone of floral foam (handicraft shop).

Step 2:
Before sticking them in the cone, put the cones on wires and the decorative apples on toothpicks. Insert the yew, fir and conifer twigs into the foam with their natural stems. Wrap the holly in paper wire beforehand.

Step 3:
Finally, insert the cut-off poinsettia flower. Important: Before, seal the stem at the cutting point by briefly holding it over a flame. Thus, the leaves stay fresh for up to two weeks.