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Decoration Ideas

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Vertical Garden

Step 1:

To make a 'vertical garden' you'll need water-resistant seed-bags, specially designed for wall-mounting. If handled correctly, walls should remain dry whilst watering. These plant bags should be available at garden centres or florists, and can be planted in just a few steps and then attached to the wall.


Step 2:

For a 'vertical garden' of poinsettia, first, waterproof felt bags are filled to a third with commercial potting soil.


Step 3:

Now we can use the poinsettias. Carefully remove the plants from their pots and place them in the planting bag, tilted slightly forward.


Step 4:

At first, plant the bag minimally, then later on the poinsettia will grow to be more impressive.

Several plant bags hung side-by-side offer a particularly magnificent effect. Poinsettias do not tolerate 'wet feet'. To avoid water-logging, only a small amount of water should be carefully poured onto the rear tongue of the bag at regular intervals.




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