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Decoration Ideas

Step 1
Sweet _Christmas_schritt1
Step 2
Sweet _Christmas_schritt2
Step 3
Sweet _Christmas_schritt3
Step 4
Sweet _Christmas_schritt4
Step 5
Sweet _Christmas_schritt5_final
Step 6
Sweet _Christmas_ergebnis


Poinsettia sweet filled vases


Step 1:

“Sweet Christmas” –

the following items are needed to make

a vase filled with sweets:

a poinsettia bouquet from your local florist,

two glass vases of the same shape but different sizes,

water, sweets, scissors if necessary.


Step 2:

place of the smaller of the two vases inside the larger one.


Step 3:

fill the space between the two vases with colourful sweets.


You can use any type of suitable boiled sweets or jelly beans.


Step 4:

fill the inner vase with water.


Step 5:

arrange the poinsettia bouquet in the inner vase.


Step 6:

A sweet-filled vase with a bouquet of red poinsettias is a tempting sight.


Little ones are guaranteed to love it!








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