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Decoration Ideas

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Poinsettia bottles

Step 1:

“Message in a bottle” –

the following items are needed to make this poinsettia bottle display:

a potted poinsettia with several shoots, empty glass bottles,

cord, scissors, water heated to approximately 60 °C,

blackboard paint, cool water.


Step 2:

spray the bottles with blackboard paint over a protective covering, and let them dry.

Tip: you may want to wear gloves when spraying.


Step 3:
tie the bottles together with cord in a decorative fashion, and fill them with water.


Step 4:

cut several shoots from the poinsettia and seal the cuts by holding the stems

in water heated to approximately 60 °C for about five seconds.

This will stop the flow of milky sap,

and your poinsettia cuttings will remain in beautiful shape for around two weeks.


Step 5:

arrange the poinsettia cuttings in the bottles.


Step 6 - result:

Poinsettias sparkle for family and guests displayed in bottles with this original design.

Because poinsettia cuttings keep well, this simple

and modern arrangement will enhance a side table for some time.









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