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Decoration Ideas

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Step 2
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Step 4

Hovering stars

Step 1:

Set a novel scene by making poinsettias the eye-catcher in every room. Why not hang poinsettias upside-down on the ceiling? With the 'sky planter' it's easy. This hanging planter makes the poinsettia look extraordinary.


Step 2:

First, the poinsettia is taken gently from the pot. Excess soil can be gently shaken off or removed with the hands.


Step 3:

Insert the poinsettia, then place the net in place. This prevents earth from falling when the plant is hung upside-down. Then use the retainer ring to prevent the poinsettia from falling out. Now the 'sky planter' is working!


Step 4:

Water is easily poured through the opening in the bottom of the plant pot, but the water is regulated so it doesn't drip down from above.



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