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Decoration Ideas

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Poinsettia chair decoration

Step 1:

“Stars for stars” –

the following items are needed to make

poinsettia chair decorations:

miniature poinsettias, moss, conical decorative containers,

Christmas baubles, ribbon, decorative wire,

pliers, and a hot gun if necessary. 


Step 2:

carefully remove a miniature poinsettia from its pot and wrap its clump of earth in moss.


Step 3:

gently place and arrange the plant in a decorative conical metal container. 

Tip: you can use containers of different shapes and colours.

Just make sure they have sufficient space for the earth around the plant’s roots.


Step 4:

cut decorative coloured wire to a suitable length and wrap it around the container.

Fashion a hook at the upper end to secure the pot to the chair.


Step 5:

decorate the container with ribbon and Christmas ornaments.

Tip: attach name tags to add a personal touch for family and friends invited to dinner.


Step 6 - result:

Finally, hang your decorative containers onto your chairs.

Tip: to personalise these decorations, vary the colours of the plants and the pots.

Friends and family will fall in love with these special Christmas tokens.








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