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Decoration Ideas

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Brilliant table decorations with poinsettias

If you want to treat your guests to a feast for the eyes, prepare a festively decorated table! The most important decoration: floral arrangements. You can find the plants and all the necessary accessories in your local garden centre, florist or diy store

Colourful stars for the festive winter table

This attractive table decoration is easy to make in just a few quick steps. A cream-colored tablecloth and Bordeaux-red placemats form the basis colour scheme. Simple dishes, elegant glasses and shiny, polished cutlery provide the festive frame, but the splendidly arranged poinsettias transform this table into a place of celebration. Classic red poinsettias are combined with a new type, featuring cream-white and red speckled bracts. The popular winter blooming plants are placed in the centre of the table and also decorate each guest’s place. The so-called “Midi” plants are ideal for decorating plates and bowls. Simply put a couple of matching candles on saucers and surround with star aniseed.

Step by step: The table decorations

This display will continue to look great for up to a week.

Step 1:
To ensure that the poinsettias can be watered easily, first wrap the pot in foil to keep the water from seeping out. Fix this into place using hot glue.

Step 2:
Now, break fragrant cinnamon sticks to the right length and affix to the pot using hot glue, making sure to position them as close together as possible. It is important that the cinnamon sticks all end at the same point at the bottom to keep the pot from tipping.

Step 3:
A ribbon in a matching colour is wrapped around the outer coat of cinnamon.